Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cousin's play together!

Cousin Kaira came to seattle for a visit-- they are going to be best buddies growing up!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Halloween! My first pumpkin...

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Playing in the fall leaves...

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1st Halloween Playdate!

We got 12 babies (10 under the age of 1) over for an early Halloween playdate! While we (the mom's) enjoyed chili and cider, they romped around the carpet. It was halarious--and they all had a blast together!
Rocco and Porter-- the two dinasaurs!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Signs of Fall!

Pumpkins and Football--two true signs that fall is here! Porter is loving his pumpkin hat that Lulu bought him! And, after a saturday of working in the back yard (always a bigger project than we anticipate), Porter got to join Dad for the Seahawks football game. They met up with Lucy and Todd, as well as Uncle Johnny... quite the afternoon. (notice his backpack full of baby gear!) All I heard was, "he took two naps, pooped, and was the life of the party." As for me... I got four hours to myself--what a treat!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Afternoon of Sailing

As part of the weekend activities, we all went out on a 60ft sailboat for an afternoon of sailing on Pudget Sound. We bundled Porter up and he was quite the sport out there!

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Porter Gets Baptized

It was a wonderful weekend--- not only was it a full moon, but little Porter was surrounded by his godparents and family as he got baptized! Porter has three incredible godparents-- Russ, Angela and Katie. We couldn't think of better people to support his journey and provide the love and support as he grows up! Porter was a rockstar during the service-- woke up right as the Pastor was talking to him during the Sermon and was all smiles during the actual Baptism (lucky, considering it was his naptime!). Yes, that is a gown he is wearing. and while JJ had a complex about him wearing a gown--it is tradition, as my grandmother wore it during her baptism, meaning it is 80 years old...

Porter being presented to the congregation!
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