Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our adventure in the Bahamas!

After spending time witht the Elliott clan in florida, the three of us headed down to the Bahamas, and island called Elutherea. we rented a great condo right by the beach with a pool porter LOVED--he has become a little fish. explored lots of fabulous beaches--many of which porter could crawl around and play in the tidepools. great dinners, picnics and lots of laughs! only lesson: buy a seat on the airplane if longer than 3 hours--my legs are still recovering!

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First Easter~

our little bunny!
Porter's first Easter Egg hunt on the beach--loved the eggs!
Found one!
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sun and fun in florida!

Porter LOVED that he could be naked and enjoy the warm weather. one of his favorite pass times was standing on the deck watching the boats go by!
Lunch at the club with auntie mimi
biking around town!
playing with the seaweed and learning not to put sand in his mouth!
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Thursday, April 1, 2010