Tuesday, December 30, 2008

20 Week UltraSound!

We were thrilled to see a healthy (and rapidly moving!) baby. The technician did a great job capturing detailed images. Here are a few:

Side profile of whole baby

Right Foot (5 toes!)

Hand and Arm
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This is a picture of his face (kind of looks like Skeletor doesn't he?)

Here is another sweet profile-- this is his chest and head

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paulandcarol said...

Well, we're just crying tears of amazed joy into our cocktails. Here's to "The Littlest Abo"! Today a complete stranger told us how her son felt like a prince because of his special outings with grandma. We're counting the minutes until we read our first story to the "bump" and he gets to know our voices - oh ok, mom can come along - maybe even dad too.
xoxox Sitti and Giddi