Monday, September 28, 2009

Semi- Annual Walla Walla Venture!

Porter's first trip to Walla Walla--yes, call us crazy, we brought both the dog and kid! Everyone did great-- dogs ran like crazy with the other winery dogs, and Porter hung right in there with the gang-- he is going to LOVE wine when he gets older! Don't worry--brought plenty of bottles so mom could enjoy every last sip!
the wine is too good to waste even a sip
celebrating Emily's bday--things got better with each winery we visited--
the end of a long day of wine tasting-- porter's was sound asleep for the rest of the night... he can sleep anywhere!
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Maureen said...

oh my cuteness. he's getting so big! he just hangs out like a little guy!
love the pump & dump shout out

Emily said...

Thanks for a great weekend! Looking forward to many years of Walla Walla trips to come!