Sunday, May 8, 2011

Porter turns 2!

We celebrated Porter's 2nd bday yesterday! It was a perfect day--started out with breakfast at the coffee shop in the hood, an awesome bday party with all of Porter's favorite friends which included a bug hunt in the back yard with bug catcher favors, an incredible train bday cake made by Siti (porter's grandmother), play in the park, dinner at St. Clouds where porter munched on french fries and ice cream sundae for dinner, and the first night in his big boy room/bed!

The transition to the bed has gone great so far-- both nap and nighttime, so we are feeling really lucky! Hard to believe we have a 2 year old--but absolutely love this stage~


Missy said...

Happy birthday Porter! Sorry we missed it. I love the bug hunt idea. And the cake! Looks like an awesome birthday for a sweet little boy. :)

Emily said...

I peeked into Porter's new bedroom when I was upstairs and it's the coolest little boy room ever! Happy Birthday to one of our favorite little dudes!