Sunday, October 23, 2011

Walla Walla in the RV!

Two weeks ago we rented and RV with the Adamson's (Tio and Tia to porter and keaton) and went to Walla Walla for our annual trip! Cruising in the RV was awesome--porter napped in the back bed, potty training onboard, snacks and games, and able to feed Keaton all without stopping! lots of wine storage and of course room to store our food for our daily picnics! The kids were troopers--start em early!
is this our future?!?
lots of fun on the blanket outside the wineries--porter kept his sis company!

Picnic time!
Met Meg and Travis there (their new home) and they came wine tasting with us for the day!
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Emily said...

Love our annual trips. And so much fun spending a weekend with your kiddos, they are a pleasure to be around and travel with!

CM said...

You make RVing look classtastic!