Sunday, January 29, 2012

Keaton turns 7 months!

Wow, hard to believe our little girl is already 7 months--has gone almost too fast! The most fun part of this whole journey has been to see porter become a big brother. He is absolutely amazing with her--every morning wakes her up saying, "good morning sweetheart"--melts me everytime! She is now eating foods, and he loves feeding her. also enjoying helping her to learn how to scoot around. and keeps her occupied and entertained in the car--a great little helper. we are working on sharing his toys when she grabs it--but getting better! Keaton is all smiles and talks (coos) even more than porter did--think we have two big talkers on our hands! its a busy house, but we are loving having two kiddos--

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DeeDee said...

cutie! love that her hair is coming in! xo

abofamily said...

I think Keaton Maykel may have gotten the Maykel red hair! xox